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Solar control window film can provide a thermal shield for your window so that all of your interior space can be enjoyed in comfort. REDUCE GLARE LEVELS
Glare is not only annoying - it can also be harmful and tiring. Glare problems can easily be solved by adding window film to your building. REDUCE FADING
Interior fading is an expensive problem facing building owners.  Heat exposure and UV sunlight can significantly shorten the life of carpeting, draperies, wood finishes, corporate art collections and other furnishings. ENJOY ENERGY SAVINGS
Air conditioning costs can be dramatically reduced by applying solar control film to the windows. You'll find that the window film enhancement will pay for itself in a very short time.  We can even assist you in calculating your energy cost reduction.  All of this can help save the planet too!! ENHANCE EXTERIOR APPEARANCE OF YOUR BUILDING
A building's exterior look is very important in presenting a professional appearance.  Window film creates a uniform look and can eliminate the problem of less attractive window furnishings. INCREASE SAFETY AND SECURITY
Glass can become a dangerous material when the unexpected occurs.  Accidents, vandalism and hostile acts are an unfortunate reality.  Our safety and security films can create a "safety net" between you and the glass, holding broken glass shards in place safety films can also incorporate a solar control. All of our films meet the various requirements of current Building Regulations, notably BSEN12600. PROVIDE PRIVACY
Whether it's to stop prying eyes or to eliminate a "goldfish bowl" effect, we have film that can provide privacy without having to change or do away with your glazing.  One-way view and modesty screens can be achieved with the minimum of disruption.

Why Fit Window Film?

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